VLC Media Player

<p>VLC is extravagantly powerful media player. It offers all the integral…

VLC Media Player
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Upload Date: 16th December, 2013


VLC is extravagantly powerful media player. It offers all the integral features of multimedia solutions yet it ensures that you can win it without spending a single fortune. It is free and open source, portable software supported by all the well-known platforms in the World. VLC is undisputed when it comes to its playback power. Hence, it manages to play all kinds of media files and formats that you throws it.

Likewise, it gives you the chance to take a clear preview of your files even you are still unfinished downloading it. This media player doesn’t require any additional software or plugins to function properly. If you want to enjoy the privileges that others have been enjoying from VLC, then go ahead and take your share now. Download VLC media player.

VLC Media Player

This world- renowned media player has endless features to offer you. In fact, it is produced in various versions, which are ideal to any Operating System you wish it to run. You can also enjoy it on the tiniest gadgets and devices that you have, all for free. It never gives you any worry about the system requirements and space allotment from your drive.

You can count on its flexible size which smoothly interacts on your computers right after you download VLC media player. This media player ensures you of profound experience simultaneously and continues to enhance even more with all its features and performances. Download free VLC media player now.

VLC Media Player Features

VLC media player is built with the most refine interfaces

- It is made up of multifunctional interfaces which include default GUI from QT4, skins2 interface and multilingual interface.


- VLC media player gives you the chance to enjoy all its customizable properties, primarily the skins that are featured by Win amp 2 and XMMS. Since VLC is universally compatible software, console users out there may also enjoy its text-based interface or remote control interface.


- You can always toggle it, to one of the 48 languages available on its multiple language interfaces.

High End Features

- Now, if you want to try other flavors of media files aside from your native files, you can always count on the streaming protocols and Internet connection of VLC media player. Likewise, you can always depend on the peer-to-peer integration of VLC to the other network. You can stream as much clips, movies and tracks as you want directly from your favorite file-sharing sites.


- You may also transfer files from your CDs and DVDs into regular computer files, and play it right away using your white and orange traffic cone media player, VLC. All these features and more are yours absolutely free. Take this opportunity to enjoy it right away. You only need very short step to get your free VLC media player download

VLC System Requirements

VLC is never a demanding media player even though it is densely packed with exciting features. You have plenty of options to run it consistently on your computers.

It runs smoothly with Windows, Mac, BSD and Linux. Supported by Solaris, iOS, Android, Haiku, OS/2, QNX. Compatible with the scripts and libraries of C++, C, Objective-C with Qt. VLC works perfectly with PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, x64 and IA- 32 platforms.

Screenshot & download

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  • It features a modular user interface.
  • Vlc Media Player comes for free and open source.
  • It uses few browser plug-ins.
  • It is a multilingual software.
  • It features configurable hotkeys.
  • It enables users to download videos using YouTube.
  • VLC Media Player Download for free

System requirements

  • It works on Windows platform.
  • It is compatible to portable softwares like the use of Android and iOS.
  • It runs on Linux, Solaris, BSD and a lot more.